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Thread: Hot Stuff!

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    Hot Stuff!

    I'm only asking because I've never done this before, but I see no reason not to:

    I have a beer holding in an air-locked fermenter at 98 degrees F (calm down, calm down, it's a Saison). If I apply pressure, can I run it through my plate and frame into my conditioning tank without issue? Cold is key when it comes to filtering, and I've never filtered a warm, almost hot beer before. It seems the only ball in my court is that it's not fully carbonated.

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    Two reasons for filtering cold are 1. to maintain're good there. And 2. to coagulate the protein/tannin combos. If you are not worried about perfect clarity, especially at really cold temps,I can't really see any problem. An additional plus in your favor is that the higher temp will be slightly less conducive to picking up oxygen.
    But do post the results as this is a new one for me!

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    It should filter a bit quicker too as the viscosity wil be lower at this temperature. But as moonlight says, don't expect a good clarity or chill-haze stability. Please tell us how you get on with this warm filtration idea.

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