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Thread: Lager Question

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    Lager Question

    Made a 15.4 Okto on 8/13. Started out warm and back it down to 53 D in three days. Has been fermenting fine I guess. On Friday 8/22 it was 5.0 today 8/25 it's 4.6 and seems to be done. That's 70% att. with s 189. I need the tank next week and don't really want to do a SO2 rest. To qoute my adorable 5 y/o daughter, "are we there yet"? Kinda want to crash this beer. Advice?
    Thanks JS

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    CO2 Scrub

    Do you really need to do a SO2 Rest, are you actually picking up any SO2 taste/aroma in the beer? Depending on which lager strain / ferm. temp. you use you may not have much of an issue.

    The other option if you are in a hurry is to scrub with CO2.

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