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Thread: SMB Technik Filler help needed

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    SMB Technik Filler help needed

    We have a finicky SMB Technik Multima L 12 head filler who does not like to play well with others. Is there anyone out there in forum land that has worked on or has run one of these creatures? If so please contact me. We would love to pick your brain or maybe even hire the right candidate to help get her up and running efficiently.



    Brian Buckowski
    Terrapin Beer Company
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    I'd call Vince C. at Sound Brew (360.705.8265). He sells these machines used and may be able to steer you to one of his customers.
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    David R. Pierce
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    Ah the SMB brings back some memories, a standard day for one of those things is under fill, over fill, no crown, bottle jam in filling head, bottle jam in crowner head and the occasional filler just seizing up, good times I tell you. I worked on one of those for about 2 years and they are as you say finicky at the best of times. you can email me with what issues you are having and I should be able to help out as I pretty sure that I have experienced it all.

    I was the happiest man alive the day we decommissioned that filler and that said would love to help reduce your pain, oh the pain.

    email me at

    Cheers and Beers

    Brett Shore
    Senior Brewer
    Gage Roads Brewing Co.

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