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Thread: Water softening for brewing

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    Water softening for brewing

    we are building a small brewpub in Brasil (island of Itaparica - across from Salvador-Bahia) and we have a underground river with water which is potable but very hard. It scales (calcium) and has a funky smell. Anyone have ideas how to treat this water for brewing?

    Naga Reshi

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    Look into a General Electric (GE) Merlin RO unit. Cost is around 500 USD, and produces 450 gallons in a 24 hr period. This could be an alternative to boiling, aerating, gassing off of your incoming H2O. If your brewery is small this should be ample amount of brewing water.
    Good Luck
    P.S. What's the fishing report like in your local waters?

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    I guess the place is small, so these items would be suitable sized. I would do:

    Particle filter (say 5micron)
    Carbon filter
    UV steriliser
    RO plant

    The particle and carbon filters will be cheap compared with the RO plant. The UV is required to keep the RO membranes clear of biological buildup. I imagine that the small packaged units such as the mentioned GE unit probably does all of the above.

    Cheers and good luck,


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