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Thread: Methods for collecting and storing krausen for bottle conditioning

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    Methods for collecting and storing krausen for bottle conditioning

    Does anybody have a reasonably foolproof method to do this? What about storage temperatures and reviving the yeast in the wort before use?


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    Sorry, but could you give a bit more info about your goal here? Krausen is a very time-sensitive state, so I'm having trouble picturing what you're after.

    Do you want to collect some yeasty wort and keep it handy for bottle/cask conditioning? That will be hard to control: too many variables. In general, I'd say that you're better off pitching a known quantity of healthy slurry with sugar, DME, or plain wort of a known gravity, which you can dial in more precisely with a bit of trial and error.

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    I'd switch to dry yeast for this. The new stuff is KILLER, much easier to handle, cheap, clean, and keeps for years....

    also if you've got some on the shelf and your regular pitching culture takes a crap on you it'll save your butt!
    Larry Horwitz

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    Krausening is all about timing, you have to have a batch in full krausen whenever you want to bottle another batch. Tricky at best.

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