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Thread: Can Line - Applied Bottling

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    Can Line - Applied Bottling

    We're sniffing out new canning lines (manual) and looking at Cask and Applied Bottling. Cask is relatively easy to get info on so we're looking for real time experiences with Applied. I have read the posts on ProB re: issues with on-time delivery and customer service (i.e. responsiveness) that were less than flattering. However, the equipment is slick, automated and made locally (we're in Seattle, they are in Vicotria BC and the cans are made 20 miles from our brewery) Local is good.

    Once again, many thanks to the community for sharing.

    Fremont Brewing Co.

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    Hey Matt,

    Where are you in the process? Which direction have you gone? We are also looking at Cask and Applied Bottling for a small canning system. I need some advise. Can anyone help me make this decision? Are there any used small canning systems for sale out there? shoot me an email please = "kj (AT)" Thanks Folks!

    Drink more beer,

    Ken Johnson
    Fearless Brewing Company

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    What is the price difference between an aluminum can/lid and an aluminum bottle?

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    Bump? Anyone?

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