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Thread: 100% rye beer

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    100% rye beer

    Help! I am helping out a start-up microdistillery, by making them their 100% rye wash for their pot still. Mashed in this morning with 100% rye, rice hulls, at 148 F. Two hours later, not much conversion going on. Any suggestions? We underlet with 200 F water to get the mash temp up to about 154 F, waiting to see if the mash will go ahead and convert.
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    I trust that the rye was malted...

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    Yeah, well, here's what I know of the subject from my experience with hooch. First of all, if its not malted rye, its not going to convert. Go back to the textbooks and lookup malting. That's where enzymes are born. Malted rye should have sufficient juice to convert itself (Briess quotes their rye malt at 105Lintner).

    If it is malted, but still not converting, then you're still going to need something to provide more enzymes to the mash. Provided that there is space, I would recommend a bag or two of base malt ground into your mash tun, preferably the stuff with the highest diastatic power that you have. If you're out of space, then you're going to have to go buy some alpha-amylase from your nearest homebrew supply shop.

    We've had sort of thing happen before. Our scenario was 50-50 base and unmalted wheat, plus a short conversion. It was an 8 hour runoff with little usable extract. However, the lifesaver there was Convertase AG300 from Crosby Baker, which we added straight to the fermenter. It broke everything down to simple sugars. Good for hooch, bad for beer.

    Good luck,

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