OK we are all getting use to the idea that we are going to have to produce a low carb beer. My problem is considering the limitations of my brew house, what is the best method? I am considering a 30-35% flaked rice with the remainder being pilsner malt. From my limited understanding of low carb beer, I am assuming that the majority of the carbohydrate content is from remainig dextrin and other unformentables. So my solution is to mash in very low apx. 145-6 D F, wait for conversion and see what happens. I am also tempted to use enzyme supplements. I have never used these before and am a bit concerned. The two I am considering are Alpha Amylase and Convertase AG 300. First off, are these redundent and/or what results can I expect? (I intend on mashing with both). Secondly, what kind of an environment will the yeast have? I will use 1056 fermented at a lower temp. I have limited expectations for this beer but I need to produce one. I am not whilling to simply water done my house ale. If I am going to sell a beer, I am going to craft it as best as I can. ANy thoughts about this question would be most appreciated. Hopping, yeast strain, temp whatever. Thanks