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Thread: Natural Carb/Bottle conditioning - a de facto diacetyl rest?

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    Natural Carb/Bottle conditioning - a de facto diacetyl rest?

    How's this for a random question.

    It occurs to me that naturally carbing at cellar temperature may have the same effect as a diacetyl rest, with the x-factor of it being a fermentation under pressure and I'm not sure if that would have an effect or not. Anecdotally, I've never run across a stick-of-butter in a naturally carb'd bottle, but that doesn't really mean much other than that's what got me thinking.

    I'm planning on using WLP004 on a few ales and want to avoid butter. I am planning on naturally carbing them in 750ml bottles at around 65deg (for about 2 weeks). It would do me a world of good if anyone knew whether the natural carb process contributes to reducing diacetyl in the final beer. Anyone have any thoughts?


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    You will get a net loss in diacetyl during cask conditioning. Exactly how well you will like the result will depend on yeast strain, temperature, DO, pitch rate, and gyle rate.

    Forget about the pressure, it builds slowly; otherwise the yeast wouldn't ferment.

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