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Thread: New-Old Dairy Equipment

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    New-Old Dairy Equipment

    I'm in the process of putting together a pub brewery (3-4 bbl). I need some input on new-old dairy equipment. Most of the tanks, chillers and pumps they have seem to be 30 year old but unused. I will be going to see them in person later this week.

    My first concern is with the cone on the ccvs (picture attached). It is far shallower than the ideal fermenter 60˚ cone (from the picture it looks more like 45˚). In this case I will probably go for flat bottomed open fermenters. and use these as serving tanks (they're rated for 27psi, capacity 600L).

    I think I will set up the system with a direct fire boiler and water heater. Does anyone have advice on choosing tanks? Any questions, advice, insight, anecdotes etc. are welcome.Name:  5536_01.jpg
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    These tanks do appear to have a shallower cone, however, even a 45 degree cone beats the hell out of a dish or flatbottom fermenter for harvesting yeast, pulling relatively bright beer, etc. I'm not sure you will find a better option for a fermenter from used dairy tanks than the tank pictured. Just my $.02. Good luck!

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    Namazu, are you doing this in Japan?

    I know a brewery engineer here that could probably be of good use to you.

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    I used to pull wlp001 from the bottom of a dish bottomed tank for repitching after 3-5 days successfully for up to 12-15 generations - we needed to over oxygenate a bit, but always had plenty of yeast. A 45 degree cone would have been a dream. You may have difficulty getting all the yeast out of the tank for proper conditioning- we used to transfer after primary. If the price is right I'm sure you could find a way to make these work. Plus it's a wacky looking tank and everyone loves breweries with wacky looking tanks.

    Geoff DeBisschop
    Evolution Craft Brewing Company
    Delmar, DE

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