Does anyone have any information or know where to find information about building my own brewing equipment. I built a 1/2 barrel pilot system, very nice, exactly like the BrewMagic, but without their software. Do I have to get it NSF certified, UL certified, any sort of inspections, other than what I would normally go through for insurance and fire inspection? I am using electric heating elements, March 809 pump, Auber PID controllers, Love Controller, Blichmann Therminator, and all the hardpiping work was done by myself.

This has all been built in my garage. My father owns a restaurant in North Atlanta, and we have investors to put in a small brewing system. I want to know if I can build my own system? Creating a 3 barrel brewing system by acquiring some 100gal SS vessels and converting them to electric and adding valves.

I am ready to make the step into the brewpub world, but would like to build my own system. How is this possible?