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Thread: Mixing the grain bill

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    Mixing the grain bill

    When cruching the malts I mix the different malts before cruching because the mill is placed above a small silo. The cruched malt is transported to the mashtun with a flex auger directly from the silo. But I have noticed that different malts (barley vs wheat) needs different mill gap.

    So my question is: if I cruch each malt apart how will it affect the mashing result? Therefore the different malts will not be mixed so well in the mash tun.

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    There is no need to mix the malts if they are going to a small silo/grist case. The nature of the silo plus the mixing in the mash will create a pretty good blend. I have observed that in dark beers that no matter when I mill the dark grains they always seem to come into the mash throughout the mashing process. For simplicity's sake mill your base malt first and then adjust your mill and do specialty's last I would chase the last bit of specialty malt with enough base malt to ensure the auger doesn't hold any specialty malt that might affect your next brew. The nature of the silo will pull the specialty malt down the center as your mashing giving you a good mix. Check your grain after grain out on a dark beer and you will readily see how ell the dark grains have mixed in.
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    Mixing the Grist

    FYI - I didn't respond to this post because I agreed completely with what the initial response had to say and had nothing to add. I especially agree with the practice of chasing those last specialties with some pale malt to purge the auger.

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