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Thread: electronic test kegs

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    electronic test kegs

    Anybody using an electronic test keg to verify things like temperatures and pressures on thier keg lines? Any recomendations on manufacturers?

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    electronic test kegs

    Hi Dogfish QC,

    My company, Profamo Inc, is the agent for the Rotech keg monitor in the Americas. Rotech is the industry leader in electronic keg monitors. If you purchase one Rotech will take one of your population of kegs and weld into it two (or three) temperature sensors, a pressure sensor and optionally a level sensor. The data from these sensors is uploaded into a software program that allows you to see exactly what is happening inside the keg. Are you getting saturated steam and for how long. Are you fobbing, over filling and what is the top pressure? We can also help you reduce utilities costs and increase output. Please feel free to call me - Chris Nimptsch at 941-379-8155 or visit our web site or Rotech's web site We have sold these kegs to almost all major brewing groups around the World. We also offer surveys where we come in with a Rotech keg and run it on your racker and give you feedback right away and follow up with a written report. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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