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Thread: Meheen bottler pausing

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    Question Meheen bottler pausing

    Hello All,
    I have a quick question for any Meheen users out there. I currently use a pre-touchscreen Meheen 4-head bottler at our brewery. I forget what year it was made. After using our bottler for about 6-7 hours it seems to ramdonly pause itself. At first it does it every 10-20 minutes or so, then it gets more often as time goes on. Eventually last time we were bottling, it paused every row of bottle's. I believe in the manual the only thing it says it that the bottler is resetting itself. All other things remain the same; my gas to the tank and to the bottler doesnt change.
    Any body have this problem in the past??? We have some long bottling days coming up in the future so any quick advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Jon Christiansen

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    off the cuff, I'd be thinking cpu issues. But, do yourself a huge favor and call Dave Meheen ((509) 547-7029). He'll know better than anyone what's up AND he can help you solve it!

    p.s. please repost and let us know what it was!

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    Is your slide plate or receiving plate warped? Units should be completely flush with no bow in the plate. This was our error, Dave replaced units, no problem since.

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