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Thread: Air Compressor for Start up

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    Air Compressor for Start up

    What size and type/manufacturer would you suggest for a packaging brewery that consists of a 15bbl brewhouse,3 keg cleaner and a 6 meheen bottler and In line labeller?

    I have been looking at a 10hp.

    Would there be any issues with putting this on the roof?

    Ben Davis
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    Selection is more about CFM and pressure delivered oil-free than raw HP. Check out this recent thread for ideas.
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    Atlas Copco

    I can highly recommend the Atlas Copco range of compressors. Specifically the oil free, scroll compression, air cooled kind. Virtually maintenance free!

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    AFAIK, compressors are usually rated according to volume/time/pressure. I have no idea abut HP.

    You need to calculate your peak demand (assume everything going at once) and then add 25-50% for future expansion, unless you want to buy two compressors within a few years.

    I'd suggest off the top of my head that something in the neighbourhood of 1,000 L/min @ 10 bar would probably suit and allow you to increase demand later without buying another unit. You will of course need a moisture trap and a drier.

    On the roof? I hope it will be protected from the elements! Kinda hard to service unless roof access is convenient. The rotary type is far quieter than the piston type, and less likely to vibrate overhead. But so long as the roof can handle the load, I suppose you could.

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