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Thread: Distillation

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    As part of a design project as part of my chem eng degree I'm in the process of designing a kettle boiler for the distillation column.

    I wonder if anyone can help me with some phys props.

    My analysis thus far has been using Aspen but I can't now get access to it for a few weeks.

    The somewhat simplified column conditions are

    Temp 143ºC
    Pressure 4 bara (high as we are feeding the distillate directly to a molecular sieve to produce absolute alcohol)

    Ethanol conc 0.02 % w/w
    Sugars conc 0.7 % w/w
    Water conc 0.9928% w/w

    If anyone has any websites that might help for specific heat capacity, thermal conductivity, viscosity ...... I would be very interested. Failing that I will use the phys props for water - I would guess that the effects of the minor components will be very slight.

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    0.02% is not a lot of ethanol. You need ASPEN or ChemCAD or some other program to run the simultaneous equations.

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