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Thread: Setting up a sales room

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    Setting up a sales room

    When I set up my brewery I did not design the space to include a sales room. Fortunately, I have the ability to expand the amount of space that I occupy in the building that we are in. Clients are starting to ask about the sales/tasting room and I just don't know where to begin. Please help with the following:

    1. What fed/state/local agencies need to be involved (we are assuming no food of any substance)?

    2. Do I need to submit a new application to the feds/state for the additional space that I take up in the building? (i assume the answer is yes)

    3. How long does this process typically take?
    4. Growlers - are there any good suppliers?

    All help appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    You'll have to go through the typical construction/building permit process if your building any new partition walls, electrical and/or plumbing. I don't know what state your in but since your talking growlers I assume you live in self distribute state and already have the clearance via you MT&W a.k.a. brewers license to sell in house. There are a ton of other decisions such as whether or not to get a Point of sale, accept credit cards, what inventory of t-shirts, small widgets, and glassware to carry. As far as growlers (with screen printing) is who most use. But if you look around there may be a local glass supplier in your area.

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