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Thread: Grain Silo Questions..

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    Grain Silo Questions..

    We are considering installing an outdoors bulk grain silo.

    What things do we need to consider? (It will probably be used)

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    A few suggestions:

    Waterproof, waterproof, waterproof, snow proof, steep conical bottom for easy and complete emptying, dust extraction when filling. vermin proof, insulated if you suffer from extremes to temperature (which I guess you do in Montana), or at least some secondary protection from the extremes, good access to top and lower walls / cone of silo for cleaning & maintenance, some form of suitable measuring system, free from internal supports which will allow bridging, dust and moth / beetle build up. Ability to isolate from the rest of the plant to allow it to be emptied for fumigation should it prove necessary. Safe access for maintenance of motors, valves etc where fitted.


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