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    What do you think

    This is a link to a CNN article about the drinking age, just wondering what others thought about this issue.
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    ...a group of college and university presidents and chancellors, eventually totaling 135.
    That's quite a collection of folks. If experts in the field that have solid data to back it up are suggesting this, it makes a personal gut instinct I have to lower it back to 18 feel more like an educated opinion.

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    When I joined the Navy in 1984 I was allowed to drink in Florida because I carried and Active Duty ID (I was 18). Since that time I have advocated the responsible use of alcohol. I believe that my children should be exposed to it in a controlled environment so it is not a mystery and therefore something that they should go out and do behind closed doors.

    We are lucky in VA because our children can legally drink in our houses with us present. This has allowed me to make sure that my 22 and 18 year olds 1.) don't like BMC beers, 2.) Know the full effects and 3.) know that they can call me without repercussion anytime they find themselves in a situation that they should not be in.

    My 18 year old moved out a month ago and I do not pretend to convince myself that she is not drinking underage. I do know that if she has even one drink she will not get in a car.

    I think that the Federal Governments infringement on state's rights to set drinking ages is unconstitutional and should be challenged. The issue is that all the anti drinking lobbies will make a huge stink about that challenge.

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    I graduated high school in 1982 in Ohio. In 1982, we made balloon wine in advanced biology class. Anyone that was not at least 18 needed a note from the parents to drink the wine in school. Education, education, education.

    Beer and wine are items of commerce and relate to jobs. Kids today are missing out because of rules and keeping fermentation a secret lets the salesman own their brains.

    Maybe kids today have computers in school,,,but we made wine in school!! Why do we humans maintain the ignorance of kids?.... For our good or theirs??

    Knowledge is power.

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