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Thread: CO2 Set up Question

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    CO2 Set up Question

    Im in a brewpub set up with bulk CO2 tanks. Im looking to replace my regulators and want suggestions on models as well as set up. Currently the serving tanks are fed of individual regulators that are all piped directly from the bulk tanks. Whenever I am pulling a lot of gas to purge a tank, top off pressure, carbonate etc. all of the other regulators slowly raise the pressure setting off prv's and screwing with the tank pressures in general. Unless I close all the regulators this always happens. Would it help to put another regulator in line before all the tank regulators and set it high as a buffer. Maybe dedicate one regulator to the highflow applications. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    I just replaced all of my regulators in April. I took the advice of our gas company, Carbonix, and ordered from Foxx. They will build banks of regulators to your order and they work like champs. I ordered a couple of the premium regs from Micromatic to try out and loved them at first because you don’t need a screwdriver to adjust and they can really push some gas but the guages suck. They have a high output, great for unfiltered x-fers, carbonating and purging, in fact i still use them for that but the gauges froze and failed the first time i used them.

    As far as performance and price IMO Foxx is the way to go.

    I have not noticed any creeping pressure like you mentioned, but i have my high flow regs Tee'd off of the supply line before the head pressure regs. My guess is that the Co2 is passing through your head pressure regs to get to the high flow and super chilling the regs shrinking the diaphragm and allowing the set pressure to creep up.
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