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Thread: Beer stone in kegs - what's your favorite remedy?

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    Beer stone in kegs - what's your favorite remedy?

    Bought a bunch o' used kegs. Upon tear down, beer stone is omnipresent. What chems/brands and methodology works best? Having not torn down kegs in the past, I find it amazing how much crap lingers. How often does one tear down after one tears down (aka, what's your tear down schedule post clean keg?).

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    Just like any other vessel with beer stone....acid. I have used acid #5 from five star with good results. birko has a similar treatment that I can't remember off of the top of my head. If you have an automated keg cleaner(purge rinse caustic rinse sani) cleaner then run as usual the run a second time with the acid instead of caustic. Some brands of cleaning systems have an optional acid cycle where you can line in a vessel of acid and add it in the loop. check with you cleaning machines manufacturer for specifics.

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    Jon at 5 Star recommends doing Acid 5 followed by caustic/PBW without a rinse for stubborn beer stone. He says that cause small chemical reactions at the molecular level which kind of blast the stuff away. Repeat several times if needed.
    -Lyle C. Brown
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    Just use a high Nitric/Phosphorus blend in your keg washer and it will disappear over time without the added headache of washing all of them multiple times all at once.

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    I use Birko Ultra Niter 2 quarts per Bbl With 1oz per Bbl of X-Puma Detergent additive drain don't rinse and follow up with a Cirtec CLQR CIP. This is the best stone treatment ever. I have used everything else & this is the best. Just my 2 cents.
    Mike Hall

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