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Thread: Small bottling line

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    Small bottling line

    I would really appreciate a 'shopping list' of what people consider to be essential equipment items for a small bottling line (i.e. sufficient for a nom. 10bbl micro...)


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    Depends on what you have going on in terms volume going into bottles? what size bottles? are you selling on premise as a brew pub?(small output) or is all you output going to bottles?10 bottles/wk 100....1000

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    Yes, good questions, thanks!

    We intend to package into 12oz/340mL bottles.

    Although we will sell a small amount onsite, we will package a lot of the product.

    So, to start, we will brew once per week and so package around 2000~3000 bottles per week (in one bottling session).

    All being well, we can increase production to 5 brews per week and package most of it. Thus, around 16000 bottles per week.

    Ideally, we would like equipment which can cover the range, but especially be suitable for the smaller quantities (and perhaps even smaller, if possible).

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    I recently spoke to the friendly guys at K2 Engineering. They have been very helpful with sizing equipment, design/ layout and they guarantee its fuctionability but you will pay for it. Speak to Eric With

    We are also moving into packaging but on a smaller scale 20x40 bbl. I would be happy with an 8-12 head filler if I could find one used. We are looking to move 5000 cases our first year. And double it year 2 & 3. We are more likely to start small and then add equipment. Just the basics than the packers and erectors.

    If you knew any good printers maybe we could co op the printing. Please let me know as we are in the boat and could probably share notes. Cheers & Beers!

    Kai Adams
    Sebago Brewing Company

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    Gang Run Paper Labels

    I print gang runs of paper labels for beer and beverages. Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.
    Rob Tossberg
    R&D Print and Packaging

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