Hello all,
I would like to get a sense of what amount of product liability insurance is expected & recommended for:

a. A beer marketing company (ie, the company contracting with a contract brewer); and
b. A brewer performing contract brewing services.

Is there an 'absolute' level of liability insurance that is advisable, or should it be proportional to the volume of product being sold?

In this day and age, especially in California lawyer-land, I would expect insurance premia to have increased significantly?

Finally, if anyone recommends and insurer that would be helpful. Are there insurers who specialize in this sub-sector?

One other question: What is the frequency of lawsuits against brewers for *actual* product injuries and defects? (ie, Defective beer, as opposed to typical ambulance-chasers suing brewers for DUIs.)

Thanks to all in advance.