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Thread: Carbing root beer in a keg

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    Carbing root beer in a keg

    I currently make root beer in converted Hoff-Stevens kegs and have been carbing them by hooking them up to 30psi of CO2 and shaking the hell out of them for a while. This has always been very hit or miss, I either overcarb or undercarb. I've tried to make enough kegs of root beer at one time where I can hook them up to CO2 and just allow head pressure to carb them. Again, hit or miss and takes a long time. Is there a better way to carb them? I'm almost to the point of no longer making them just due to the hassle of trying to carbonate them. Is there something like a Zahm for kegs that I can make? Any help, please?

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    At an old brewery we used to force c02 through the dip tube at about 34psi for 22 hours. you can play with the psi and time to tweak for your needs.

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    Do you have the ability to prime the sugar water first? I push the sugar water from boil kettle to brite tank, allow to cool down over night, and then prime the brite tank with the carb stone. Add rootbeer extract to keg, bung, fill with sugar water.

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