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Thread: Self distribution vs. wholesalers

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    Self distribution vs. wholesalers


    I am in the business plan development process stage for the future opening of a microbrewery. My state has a three tier distribution system. However, I live only twenty miles from a state that allows self-distribution. We are leaning toward opening where we can self distribute at our discretion. Any thoughts? Thank you.


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    I worked for a micro in a 100,000 person college town, and we self-distributed in our city, using a distributor for the rest of the state. A very large part of our profit came from that arrangement! We sold a lot of beer in our town, and that extra 20 bucks a keg sure came in handy.

    It makes less sense if you're relocating to an area of low population density and have to do a lot of driving around over distances to distribute...

    Cheers, Tim

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    Samll distributors conference

    There will be a two day seminar specifically for specialty distributors and self-distributing breweries in San Diego on April 13-14th. It will be held just prior to the Craft Brewers Conference and at the same hotel. For more information you can visit:

    Good luck.

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    I've been debating that for some time now and have choosen the wholesaler route. only time will tell if if made the right decision.

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