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Thread: Refermenting filtered beers

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    Refermenting filtered beers


    I know some does refermentation in the bottle of filtered ale.

    How does that work? Is the beer filtered at fermentation temperature or is it filtered cold and then warmed up after the fresh yeast and priming solution has been added?

    I would guess the first as the chance of the yeast not picking up fermentation if "pitched" into a cold and alcoholrich environment is not high.


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    Well, I guess there are many ways to skin a cat. The method I have used is to KG filter the beer as if a normal beer, measure the after filtration CO2 content, add priming sugar to achive the required CO2 content, add a fresh yeast culture, rouse in with a rousing pump (or very small amount of CO2) and then bottle cold. The beer is then stored in a warmer area until fit for sale when normally it would be placed in fridge cabinets ready for sale and consumption.

    Personally I wasn't keen on filtering as in my opinion it pulled out too much hop character, and would have preferred to simply have taken off the yeast, cooled down and allowed to settle some more, added priming sugar and more fresh yeast culture if necessary prior to bottling - which is how I believe it was done a few years beforehand, but with very variable sediments, CO2 and perhaps different flavour nuances.


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