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Thread: 1272 vs. 1056

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    1272 vs. 1056

    Anyone have any opinions on Wyeast 1272 vs 1056?

    Curious about:
    flocc time under normal conditions

    increased ester production in 1272

    Is 1272 more prone to diacetyl production?

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    I used 1272 for ten years as my house ale strain and a few months ago I made the switch to 1056. 1272 has higher ester production and flocs better. Diacetyl was never an issue unless the beer was prematurely cooled. 1272 is a very reliable strain and makes great American ales.

    I switched to 1056 because I wanted a strain with a cleaner alcohol character. DIPA and other big beers are part of my regular portfolio now and I found the higher alcohols to be distracting. I do have to wait a little longer to crop. All of the beers are unfiltered and I am still achieving great clarity with the less flocculent 1056.

    Hope that helps.
    Ted Rice
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