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Thread: Thanks to a fellow "Probrewer"

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    Thanks to a fellow "Probrewer"

    I just wanted to thank Gabe Wilson publicly on this board for all his help as we decommissioned, packed and shipped our new used brewery in three days. Gabe responded to our Probrewer ad asking for help in Phoenix--we could have used general laborers , but we wanted someone familiar with the equipment so they would handle it appropriately. What we got, was a tireless worker, a proactive thinker and a hell of a nice guy. Working side by side with him for three days was a privilege. Getting to meet his wife and child was a bonus (the kid stayed in the playpen quietly as Dad worked nearby).

    As we get ready to unload tomorrow, I keep wishing he would be here helping.

    Never give up the dream Gabe! And if you come to Atlanta once we get up and running, you'll receive the royal treatment!

    Chris Terenzi
    Wrecking Bar Pub and Brewery
    L5P Atlanta, GA

    PS: admin, if this is in the wrong place, my apologies.
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    Speaks to the goodwill of the brewing community, we have it good my friends, good people and good beer. At some point we will all look back to see these were the "good old days"...assuming we make it past 2012!

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    Thank you for your kind words. I love being in an industry with so many cool people. The fact that we beat ourselves up and still showed up day after day with stiff muscles and aching joints goes to show that even the most menial tasks in the industry are still enjoyable to geeks like us.

    You didn't mention that I showed up on my birthday and worked with you guys for 10 hours on that first day!


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