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Thread: LP or HP steam?

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    LP or HP steam?

    Would like to ask all of you who operate steam-jacketed brewhouses (i.e. MLT and/or brewkettle and/or HLT) whether you use LP or HP steam boilers.

    Note: A LP boiler generates steam at or very near atmospheric pressure and 215°F; a HP boiler generates steam at an elevated pressure (say, 90 psi) and then drops it down to lower pressure conditions for operation in the equipment jackets. (One benefit of using a HP steam boiler is the relatively higher stored steam capacity, allowing better steam supply control during periods of varying demand.)

    Thanks for casting your vote.

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    Give me steam II

    I'm not positive about this, but am relatively sure that you need a certified boiler operator and routine state boiler inspections as well as periodic maintenance logs for HP steam in the States. I would rather have a LP boiler with sufficient capacity (steam drum). Never had any problems with my LP systems, although I have used HP in England with no problems either. Curious whether anyone else has seen an advantage of HP systems?

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    HP steam in PA requires explosion proof room, certified operators, a ton of red tape, etc. I heard once that it is at least four times the cost. Low pressure steam (840,000 btu boiler) works for me in our 10 bbl brewpub.
    Davo Geiser
    Assistant Brewer
    Otto's Pub & Brewery
    State College, PA USA

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