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Thread: Wheat and protein rest

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    Wheat and protein rest

    Does it make sense to add wheat for head retention to a recipe when a protein rest is applied to the mashing. As I understand it, the main purpose of a protein rest is to break down proteins.

    Are there different types of protein, where some are desirable and others less desirable?


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    Protein rests are also done to promote a clear final product. Chill haze is protein that can be controlled with the protein rest, I think. I'd think that the wheat could be un-doing some of the benefits of the protein rest.

    I would add dextrin for head retention, instead of wheat. Maybe a cara-pils dextrin malt. I use it in a few of my recipes and it works nicely.

    Another thought - If you're using fully modified malts, you want to be careful with the protein rest as it can result in a more watery, thin beer. I bet that if you're not using unmalted adjuncts, you could probably eliminate the protein rest while improving head retention at the same time. Just my $0.02.

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    I would agree with using the cara-pils. I use it in an IPA and Amber Ale recipe and it works really well.

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