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Thread: Any owners/operators/brewers who are Non-Drinkers?

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    Any owners/operators/brewers who are Non-Drinkers?

    I am wondering if it is even possible to own, operate, brew in, or otherwise be an active part of this industry and not drink?

    I am just about to pull the trigger on a half a million dollar investment to build and operate a brewpub with plans on developing a regional brand, and have the "liver damage" scare. Routine blood tests have revealed some abnormal readings; doctor suspects liver damage and advised that I stop drinking. I am going for more tests and an abdominal CT scan in the upcoming weeks.

    I have been an avid beer lover all my life, a homebrewer, and have spent the past ten years saving close to $100K for creating this business. I cannot see a life in and around beer without drinking it.

    Any others in this situation? Is it possible to do this, to work this dream, this passion, without consuming?
    John W.

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    I know that one of the owners of Cisco Brewers on Nantucket doesn't drink at all for a similar reason.

    Health should be the most important aspect of this decision.

    I don't believe you should have to drink in order be in this business.

    Does a heart surgeon have to have heart surgery to be a good heart surgeon?

    As long as you have people in the company that know what they are doing... you should be fine.

    Good luck and stay healthy!
    Matthew Steinberg
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    I don't drink, but still brew. I do have the advantage of working with a bunch of excellent palates though. I do taste gravity samples, small samples of each transfer and at packaging time so my beer is closely monitored.
    David R. Pierce

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    I can imagine it would be tough for someone who loves beer, but HK's idea seems like a workable compromise. I worked for a head brewer who took a month-long "liver break" twice a year, constraining himself only to small QC samples. This is a huge occupational risk, and such concerns seem almost likely to happen somewhere along a career. I'm sure this is nothing new for anyone here but I always recommend (apparently hepatoprotective) coffee to people who routinely consume alcohol:

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    Wow, now I know why I crave coffee in the morning. Maybe someday the TTB will let coffee-infused beers have a health claim on their labels?
    Linus Hall
    Yazoo Brewing
    Nashville, TN

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