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Thread: Experience with Fermentis S-23?

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    Experience with Fermentis S-23?

    Anybody out there have experience with this yeast? This will be our first lager here (a vienna/oktoberfest) and I am wondering about the fruitiness and esters this yeast is known to impart. How intense are they? Are they easily controlled? Fermentis suggests that they are more prominent at lower temps., so would a primary in the 54-58 range be more appropriate?


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    I have used this yeast about 15 times for a munich dunkel. It performs ok and to me doesnt have much of a fruityness but my big issue is the yeast didnt attenuate well, So for basically the same price i moved to white labs bock lager yeast and i highly reccomend that for the same flavor and a better performing yeast. Josh

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