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Thread: Temp + Pressure - snift = perfect fob?

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    Temp + Pressure - snift = perfect fob?

    I know I'm going to look stupid for asking this, what do you guys think is the perfect temp and top pressure for bottling, mind you I have the Meheen system and it likes to stop and go.

    I'm thinking about bottle conditioning again, oh no. I cant seem to get it right. too much fob and half full bottles are driving me up a wall.
    And the beer wasnt over carbonated maybe because I cant get the beer any cooler than 6C, (for now)
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    Assuming carbonation level of between 2 and 2.5 v/v, 6 deg C is too warm. 2 deg would be more appropriate to keep the CO2 in solution. This temperature seemed fine the one occasion I used a Meheen 6 head ( as well as a number of much higher speed botlling lines). As I recall, the Meheen had a jetter system, which could be adjusted to give a more (or less) powerful jet, in a similar manner to many rotary fillers.

    If you are bottle conditioning, you need to ensure there is sufficient CO2 dissolved at time of bottling to give a decent fob, to remove excess air in headpsace, but then be careful of overpriming so the bottles don't explode afterwards, a fine balance required.

    There was a discussion on priming rates some time ago on this site, with various people giving guidelines for primings rates with wort and cane sugar if I recall correctly.


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