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Thread: Draft Line cleaning pump

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    Draft Line cleaning pump

    Gonna buy me a pump to clean our long-draw draft system. Any recommendations or ones to avoid?

    The leading candidate is this guy:

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    Take a look at Foxx equipment's version. Not as pretty, but I have used this model for 13 yrs. with good results. When the pump starts to wear out (flow rate slows), you can detach it and exchange it for a rebuilt one, without having to buy the whole shabang. Plus it costs about a 1/4 of the one you are looking at. It's not as pretty though. Item 09D03-156.

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    That pump from micromatic is great, but it used to have a plastic pump head that would easily break, so their smaller pump is much more reliable. I don't know if they've changed that pump or not. I've got one of the big pumps from foxx, which is awesome, but my daily work horse is the small micromatic; it will not die. If you go with foxx, while you're on their website get some 3/8" one-way valves and some fittings to put inline. As soon as you shut it off, all your solution will flow right back into the bucket.
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