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Thread: how does the crown cap sorter work?

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    how does the crown cap sorter work?

    hi all,

    i am the proud new owner of a 3in1 monoblock filling machine from China and like all things Chinese, great value for money, zero intelligent service

    so far the set up is going well except i'm having a problem with the crown cap sorter, that hopper thing at the top of the machine that somehow magically orientates the cap the right way up and slots them into the slideway.

    can someone tell me how the hopper gets the caps the right way up? i am at a loss to figure that out at the moment.

    i realized the basic idea is the wheel in the base turns and the hopper is inclined at an angle so the tops are getting mixed up and spun around. then there is a ring above the spinning wheel and the gap between lower wheel and upper ring allows caps to enter on their back so that when they exit the hopper, they are on there back. then the slideway gives them an 180 degree flip and they are the right way up for bottling.

    the magic part i still don't see is why the tops only enter the gap between wheel and ring on their back, (the correct way) and not top up (the wrong way). i notice the lower wheel is a bit magnetic, it is something to do with magnetic attraction to the larger area when the top is on its back maybe?

    thanks, steve
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