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Thread: Epoxy Floor Advice Needed

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    Epoxy Floor Advice Needed


    We're making some flooring decisions for our brewery expansion. We've decided on epoxy floors for the brewhouse and fermentation area. The G.C. asked me if the floors should have grit added to the epoxy to make them non-slip. My initial thought was a textured floor would take longer to dry after washdown.

    Please share your experiences.


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    you want some grit on that floor. it won't create a drying issue, but no grit will definitely cause you fall on your ass at some point.
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    Another opinion:
    having the grit makes it easier to chip off the finish. Scrapes across the floor in high traffic areas become visible very quickly.

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    We have a standard concrete floor with Xypex added for protection. The contractor put a broom finish on the floor to prevent slipping and it is a pain in the @ss to get the dirt out of those crevices. That being said, it isn't slippery.

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    We did an Epoxy base coat/primer with a urethane top coat. The urethane is supposed to be a lot more chemical resistant than an epoxy top coat. We added a grit powder to the base coat while it was wet. With the urethane, it was highly recommended to add the grit as it is slicker than snot when wet. You can definitely tell the difference where the grit is. Water still mops up fine, and rolls off to drains nicely.

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    This isn't brewery experience, but we did a large garage floor and a large greenhouse floor with Epoxy.

    1) Choose carefully. There is considerable difference in all of the epoxy brands available in consumer and commercial markets. We chose the solvent-based non-layered Epoxy Coat and while not perfect, it has worked well.

    2) The colored chips provide almost NO slip-resistence, so we chose to add the silica sand to our Epoxy.

    3) I can tell you from personal experience, the few small areas where we didn't add enough sand are absolute ice when wet (regardless of your shoes) and you will fall on your me on that one.

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