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Thread: SMB 9/3 Filler/ Capper

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    SMB 9/3 Filler/ Capper

    We have just purchased a SMB 9/3 Filler/Capper and are looking for any tips/ advice on smooth operations. We have been in contact with Larry L. the US rep but would like some insight from other micros who use SMB. Please let me know!

    Kai Adams

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    I ran a SMB 9/3 machine for a few years. Just keep up on lubrication. I would also have some of the cup seals for the filler valves in stock. They are not available in the US. Larry can get them for you. Most of the other seals can be found in the US (metric o-rings mostly). Try to get your hands on the original book that came with the unit. It has diagrams of all of the assemblies and shows what size o-rings are used.

    PM me if you have any other questions.


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