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Thread: 1" SS Tubing

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    1" SS Tubing

    Looking for a good company to buy our piping from for our 4bbl system. I have access to a fabricator, TC's, and have my layout done, but who should I look too for sanitary type tubing for the brewing process? Mc Master? other thought's on bulk tubing suppliers?

    Thanks, Gabe

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    Try Rob @ Premier Stainless

    Robert M. Soltys, President

    Phone: +1 (760) 752 7032
    Fax: +1 (760) 796 7905

    P.O. Box 2606
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    In general McMaster Carr has a great assortment on product but are not the best prices in town most of the time.

    I would call around to the wholesalers depending on how much you want ...

    The above are a place to start. I think that STI quoted me about $6.60 per foot for 1.0"OD X .065"W 316L tubing. 1.5 "OD was a bit more - over $8 per ft.

    I would also think that your fabricator would have an idea where to get lengths of tubing. I believe that any lengths less than 20 ft will fit on a UPS truck. Let me know if you find any better deals....

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