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Thread: Baxter Brewing Co. Looking for Canning Line Operator

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    Baxter Brewing Co. Looking for Canning Line Operator

    Seeking a Canning Line Operator

    Reports to: Director of Brewing Operations
    Department: Brewing Operations
    Location: Lewiston, Maine
    Anticipated date to begin: 1/3/2011
    Hours: 20 to 25 a week

    At Baxter Brewing we do what we can and we can what we do. We’re a young, fun, and energetic start-up brewery making craft beer in a can while maintaining a high level of eco-consciousness. We’re passionate about the beer business, about our community, and about our environment.

    Summary of Position: To work as a member of a team whose overall responsibilities include canning line operation; the loading, unloading, and packing of cans as well as case and pallet configuration of the finished product.

    Primary Responsibilities:
    • Loading pallets of empty cans onto the beginning of the canning line by forklift and/or pallet jack
    • Operation of electronic portions of canning line apparatus
    • Operation of six-packing machine
    • Assembly of and flat case trays and arrangement of 6-packs in trays
    • Transportation of full pallets to loading dock for pick-up.
    • External cleaning, and painting of cooperage.
    • Other duties as assigned

    Work Environment:

    Physical Demands:
    - Lifting: 25-50 lbs
    - Frequency of lifting: Daily
    - typical business day: Duties completed as assigned and described above
    - Hazards: Daily operating of a working, moving machine and working in close proximity to hazardous cleaning chemicals.

    Additional Physical Demands :
    - Ability to remain in a standing position for extended periods of time
    - Ability to bend and lift frequently
    - Dexterity required for fast-paced, repetitive packaging motion

    Visual, Hearing, Dexterity & Mental Demands:
    - Adequate to perform the essential functions of the job
    - Ability to follow defined procedures
    - Ability to wear proper safety equipment and protective gear
    - Ability to operate repetitive, fast-packed six-packer
    - Ability to quickly assemble self-locking case trays

    Working conditions:

    Canning line operator will be working in the brewery where water and chemicals are used for cleaning, rinsing and sanitizing all tanks and equipment. Safety is paramount. Protective gear is almost always worn. The canning line is loud, fast-paced and can be dangerous if mishandled. Keeping the work area clean and safe for the frequent tours being brought through the brewery is imperative.

    Education Requirements: High school or equivalent work experience

    To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume (in the body of the email – do NOT send attachments) via email to PLEASE NOTE: we will NOT consider you if you call or apply in person.
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