Hi there I am in the process of anaylzing what kind of chemicals we use and what would be a good systematic approach to cleaning and sanitizing. (we have a 25bbl brewhouse and 6 fermenters 40,50 and 60bbls)

In the past we have used caustic soda for cleaning and recently been using DIOXY-CHLOR (5% Active ClO2) for sanitizing.. here's my questions

1. Does someone have a cleaning procedure in like a word document they would be willing to email me that outlines their daily policies and step-by-step procedures on cleaning and santizing their equipment?

2. Is it a good idea to change your cleaning solutions and sanitizers often to prevent resistance to them?

3. What is a good long term sanitizer for buckets containing tr-clamps, rubber seals etc that would be changed say weekly and not impart bad tastes or flavors?


Lewis & Clark Brewing Company