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    HI ALL:
    I'm looking for a (FREE) program to design and print my own labels. We are selling ~ 100 22 oz and 1 Liter Bottles at our Pub, and I would like to label them. I ussaully print some on my comp using the Windows clip art program, but still looking for better label design. Any help is appreciated.

    Fred M. Scheer

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    Graphic program

    Hey Fred
    I used Corel Print House Magic which is virtually free ($19.00 Cdn) until I moved up to Corel Draw 8.
    It is easy to setup, use and send to a printer for someone as graphically challenged as me which is saying a lot. I have done labels, business cards, tent cards, etc... on it. The CD's had lots of clip art, photo's and other stuff on them which came in handy.
    The trick is to find a source of 60#wet-strength paper cut in sheets to fit your printer. This detail alone will improve your on-bottle appearance more than anything. Cheers

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