Seeking a Cellar Dweller at Magic Hat Brewer in Burlington, VT!

A leader in marketing and selling specialty and imported beer in the United States, North American Breweries imports and markets Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light, the No. 1 & No. 2 Canadian beers in the U.S., along with Genesee, Magic Hat, Pyramid and the Dundee family of craft beers, Seagram’s Coolers and other specialty and imported brands. It is the responsibility of the Cellar Brewer to tend to and control, all aspects of Filtration, Fermentation and Centrifuging including portable pumps and manifold systems to transfer beer to and from various vessels and processes; in change of record keeping of daily cellar activities.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES · Turn valves and start pumps to start or regulate flow of beer making process; suggest enhancements and assist with developing new processes. · Communicate with other workers to start and stop flows of materials or substances. Communicate process or quality problems to the Head Brewer · Monitor gauges and flow meters and inspect equipment to ensure that tank levels, temperatures, chemical amounts, and pressures are at specified levels, reporting abnormalities as necessary. · Record operating data such as products and quantities filtered, stocks used, gauging results, and operating times. Maintain a neat and accurate production log. · Read operating schedules or instructions or receive verbal orders, in order to determine amounts to be filtered. · Connect hoses and pipelines to pumps and vessels prior to material transfer, using hand tools. · Filter beer as stated by standard operating procedures. · Maintain daily cellar inventory. · Work effectively with the Head Brewer to meet production needs; participate in brewing production meetings. · Work with packaging team to ensure proper procedures are followed.

EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION High School Diploma (or GED or High School Equivalence Certificate). Some college with math, science, chemistry courses or brewing specific course work preferred. Experience in brewing and fermentation and/or quality control experience preferred.

If interested: Send resume/cover letter to: