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Thread: A thought for our Japanese counterparts

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    A thought for our Japanese counterparts

    As a brewer with some Japanese connections, let me say my thoughts are with the craft brewers that may have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

    I'd be interested in reports from the ground on the well-being of Hitachino Nest (in Ibaraki, not far from Hitachinaka and Mito) and perhaps Baird Brewing (close to the water in Numazu). I'm assuming the Sendai Brewery and beer garden was hard hit (I've heard their fermenters fell over) and Kyodo Kirin as well. The only other place I've visited in the area that may have been affected is Ichinomura Shuzo.

    Any other news?


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    Thanks Natrat for the post. Thoughts and prayers out to our friends in Japan and the effected communities and villages around the Pacific rim.

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    thoughts and prayers

    My brewing mentor opened a brewery several years ago in Japan and received this photo from one of his friends back in Japan
    It's not his brewery, but a picture really is worth a thousand words. And by the way, that's not snow on the ground.

    We hope that the people and breweries of Japan make a speedy and full recovery. And our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of those lost.
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    Hitachino nest Ibaraki

    My old co-worker George Juniper at Dark star Brewery is now with Hitachino nest. He's been busy filling water bottles from the brewery for the locals. It's been a devastating situation.
    Here's a report :

    Tariq Khan (Brewer/Distiller)

    Yaletown Brewing and Distilling Co.
    Vancouver, B.C.

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    I can't imagine all the people that have been lost. I hope they can get the reactors under control so there will be no more loss of life.
    Joel Halbleib
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    Another link to a story about impacted Japanese brewries and Some are using their facilities to bottle water for those impacted by the devistation.

    As for the Craft Breweries

    Thought and Prayers for all affected by the dual disasters.

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    Thanks for posting the info folks.
    Our hearts our with our Japanese brewing counterparts and the Japanese people as a whole.

    Salmon River Brewery

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