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Thread: how to handle beer for kitchen

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    how to handle beer for kitchen

    So we now have a new menu and it incorporates alot more beer into standard dishes rather than just specials. This is throwing my depletion numbers off and how I track beer sales. We used to have a button in the computer for beer, but since we are using more we dont want to use it all the time and end up "comping" the whole total at days end. I guess I could make it a penny? Im not sure. Like I said it was really just for specials so I never tracked it before.

    The other issue is I dont want bartenders giving away beer and just blaming it on the kitchen.

    So, how do you handle beer for kitchen use?
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    beer for kitchen

    We use a transfer of goods sheet for all thing that move from one department to the next. For example, I sell a keg of beer to the FOH for 150 bucks, then if the kitchen needs one gallon for bbq sauce, they pour it and mark how much they took on the transfer sheet and the head chef figures that cost into his cost of goods. FOH charges the kitchen the same amount that they pay for it and as far as employees "cheating the system" goes a manager has to sign off on every transfer.( Normally FOH maager or head chef. Hope this helps.

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    We track (via) pos system dishes containing beer.

    Chef lets us know how much beer is in each serving.

    Simple. No logs or paperwork.

    Any other variance is due some other wastage.

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