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Thread: Brewery Application

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    Brewery Application

    I'm putting the finishing touches on our Brewpub application (BATF documentation). If anyone has any recomendations/suggestions (from experience) your help would be greatly appreciated.

    For example, how detiled should my brewery diagram be? How much info is really needed to describe the "security" at the brewery (brewing area or the complete restaurant)?

    Thanks, Steve

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    Take the time NOW to make it as detailed as you can. Show walls, doors (lockable or not, exterior, interior, roll-up, etc), windows (lockable, etc.) to scale. Explain how secure your area is, you are manufacturing alcohol after all. Keep in mind that the extra time and effort you spend now will help not having you app bounced back to you! When we first submitted our app, we had to change the mailing address. This required us to resubmit the entire application packet! Hope this helps.


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