seeking brewer for partnership in start-up production brewery

I am an established brewpub owner/operator in upstate NY in a ski town and a beautiful setting in the northern catskills. We quickly became rated the #1 restaurant in the area along with award-winning beers in our local market. I am looking for a brewer partner to formulate a business plan and partnership plan. What I have to bring to the table is the perfect retail venue and up-and-running brewpub to showcase beer, a wise location for a new production brewery plan, borrowing power, an established brand and reputation, industry contacts, workforce and sales team, creative ability, and balls to take risks and enter the fray of the booming and competitive wholesale craft beer industry.

What I'm wishing that someone brings to the table is a production brewery business plan, partnership structural ideas, brewing education and experience (hopefully some time spent on a 3 to 15 BBL brewhouse), some borrowing power and/or start-up capital, edgy stand-out marketing ideas, and the guts to share in the risks and the glory of owning and operating their own business. I hope that anyone interested in this will run (not walk) here, and make their first impressions that way.

This new production brewery plan is not bound to any recipes, styles, or branding of our current established brewpub. This partnership plan is for a new brewery with a blank slate to start from the ground up. I am mostly interested in brewing hoppy american ales, some big, some sessionable, with some wild cards in the mix. I am more interested in draft beer, however I see the merits in canning and bottling 22 oz. bombers. I want to be a relatively small and manageble company, and stay that way, with a core group of 5-8 employees.

Tim Adams - owner/brewer
Cave Mountain Brewing Co.
Windham NY