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Thread: Pacific Brewery Systems (PBST) Feedback

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    Pacific Brewery Systems (PBST) Feedback

    We are looking for additional information about Pacific Brewery Systems (PBST), especially from Owners or Brewers that are brewing or have brewed on their 30 barrel Brewhouse. I have read most of the post currently available, most of the feedback is about the tanks.

    If you would rather not post, either send me a private message, email, or call.

    garry at manzanitabrewing dot com

    nine five one - two zero six - four eight nine four

    Garry Pitman
    Manzanita Brewing Company
    Santee, CA

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    Bump....I'm looking into a PBST system as well. Any info can be PM'd or email directly to Thanks in advance. Jeff

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    PBST references

    I am looking at buying a new brite tank from Pacific Brewery System Technologies. If anyone out there has used them, please let me know. Thanks in advance.


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    Any responders to this? I'm considering Pacific as well for a 15bbl brewhouse

    I see this is an old thread. Wondering if the OP or respondents ended up using Pacific, and if so, what your experience was?


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    I can't speak to their brewhouses, but PBST has sold us a number of fermenters/brites over the past year that are all of really great weld quality, coming with high-quality pressure gauges, prvs, DIN fitting for racking arm, and provided good support for spare parts & questions. Overall we've had nothing but a positive experience with them.

    I'd *highly* recommend that you just ask Frank for references to find breweries who are currently using their brewhouses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bblackbu View Post
    I see this is an old thread. Wondering if the OP or respondents ended up using Pacific, and if so, what your experience was?

    I bought a brite tank off them this year as their prices are great. I asked the same questions as you to get feedback and got lots of negative reviews but decided to go ahead thinking they we're one offs or the buyer was ticked off and exaggerating. The low prices made me blind to the reviews I guess. You get what you pay for it seems. It had leaks in the tank and leaks in the glycol jacket. Unfixable without ripping the entire thing open. They wouldn't replace it unless I shipped back the unit to them first(at my expense $1800). The new unit arrived missing all the valve handles(even off the sample valve) a massive dent and multiple heavy scratches in the side and multiple nuts and bolts missing off the manway door and cip and bottom drain piping. When I asked them about it multiple times I got no response at all. I gave up as they are obviously a sketchy business and I want nothing more to do with them. Terrible products made in china and not quality checked before being sold on here. Terrible customer service and in the end I didn't save a cent. I'd never buy anything from them again and would never recommend them to anyone. In fact I'd say avoid at all costs.

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