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Thread: Brewery related merchandise shipping

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    Brewery related merchandise shipping

    Hello All,

    The New Buffalo Brewing Co. just got our incorporation paper work done and now we’re official. It’s going to be about 2 years before we have beer, so in the mean time I want to sell some merchandise to show some income and to get our name out there. What I’d like to sell is T-shirts, hats and glasses. I have found a few supplier that look good on the pricing. So far Grandstand ( looks like the front runner. We’re considering getting coasters made without logo and web address and just giving them to bars, has anyone else done that?

    What I wanted to know is if other people have suggestions for suppliers of custom work, and the bigger question is how can you affordably ship it? I figure the most people want to pay with shipping is $10 for a glass and $18 for a shirt or hat. Fedex and UPS have quoted me upwards of $16 for shipping from Buffalo NY to LA. I see lots of brewers selling gear for around the price points I stated. How are you’ll doing it?

    Thanks for your time and help. This website has really helped get New Buffalo to the point where at now.


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    U.S. Mail

    I sell t shirts in a tough self seal poly bag and ship them first class mail. Costs between $2.50 and $3.00. Priority Mail is $5. If it fits, it ships. Use their package for free.

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    I have found to be extremely competitive on pricing and a very diverse selection of promotional items. Give their website a look.

    Glacier Brewing Company

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    Oh nice articles, thanks for sharing

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