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Thread: Used Equipment Purchase

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    Used Equipment Purchase

    I am looking at some used equipment in state and I am trying to figure out how to appraise the equipment. I believe this a good deal, but I would like to make sure I am not missing something and one of my partners would like a third party to inspect the equipment. Does anyone have any advice?

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    Find a brewer/consultant with 10-20 years of experience in brewing and start-ups. Pay them $500 a day and have them look over the equipment. If you speak to them before hand they will know if the time to inspect the equipment is worth it and you will be out nothing.

    Experienced professionals know most of the manufactures and which ones you should consider, and when its not worth wasting your time.

    This approach also helps because some of the equipment offered lately is over priced, and knowing the + and - of the equipment can really help when it comes time to negotiate.

    I was involved in acquiring a 30 bbl system for a start-up and was told by a middleman that a Newlands 30 HL system wouldn't work after 5 min on the phone with Newlands the system was purchased for 1/3 of the price the broker wanted (different seller) and it can produce 31 bbl's at 15 plato. We were lucky to get such a good price, but you need someone that has your best interest at heart. Good Luck Graydon

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