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Thread: beer education durring the GABF??

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    beer education durring the GABF??

    A couple years back I got sent to the GABF. While I was there I was able to take a microbiology work shop and a flavor workshop. This year our company is sending me and our head of sales. Our head of sales is very enthusiastic to learn more about beer as a whole. I am always learning more about our craft as well and would even be willing to do some re-peat education. I am wondering if anyone has any info about workshops that may be taking place during the festivities.

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    Thumbs up Course at GABF

    The Brewers Association Draught Quality Group is having a one-day course on Draught Quality on Thursday, Sept. 29,2011.

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    I think the guys from BSI usually do a microbiology seminar at the GABF. Their website is
    Fred Orndorff
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